Levy County

Situated in the Gulf Coast, towards Northern Florida, Levy County is a U.S County that was founded in March 1845. Levy County is named after David Levy Yulee, who was an American politician and attorney in the area. He also made significant contributions to Levy County as the state’s territorial delegate and is renowned for his construction of the first railroad across Florida. Levy County has its county seat in Bronson, and the largest city incorporated under Levy County is Williston. There are a total of 8 incorporated communities and 7 census-designated places that are an official part of Levy County. There are also a number of unincorporated communities and general communities within Levy County. In the year 2019, the total population of Levy County was estimated to be about 41,503 people, while the total geographical area of Levy County is 1413 square miles.

Some notable and popular places to visit in Levy County include the Devil’s Den Prehistoric Spring, a stunning underground cave pool providing opportunities for snorkeling. The Fanning Springs State Park, an elegant state park with natural landscapes, swimming, and camping activities. The Kirby Family Farm, a historical site and farm for locals and tourists to explore, and the Manatee Springs State Park, a natural state park that is home to various forms of wildlife, natural attractions, springs, and riverside views.

Levy County

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Levy County, Florida