Liberty County

Situated in the Northeastern region of Florida, Liberty County is a U.S county that was founded on December 15, 1855. Liberty County is named after a common American ideal, liberty. The right to do as one wishes is a value considered of high importance in the U.S. Liberty County has its county seat in Bristol, which is also the largest city in Liberty County. Liberty City expands over a total area of 843 square miles, out of which most of the area is land, and the total population of Liberty County in 2019 was recorded at 8,354 people. There are three other census-designated places in Liberty County, namely Hosford, Sumatra, and Lake Mystic, with 7 other unincorporated communities in the area.

Liberty County is widely known for its cultural heritage and lakeside activities that keep locals and visitors busy throughout the year. Some of the main attractions that span across Liberty County include the Apalachicola National Forest, a beautiful sight for local explorers in the Florida Panhandle, which also features hiking trails, lakeside activities, and beautiful natural scenery. The Torreya State Park, a historic state park located next to Bristol. Porter Lake, a stunning lakeside resort that is ideal for boating, camping, and trekking, and the Trammell Bridge, a historical bridge built in 1938 that connects the Florida panhandle with other parts of Florida.

Liberty County

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Liberty County, Florida