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Live Oak is a city within Suwannee County that is located in Northeastern Florida The area was first inhabited by Native Americans who hunted and fished along the Santa Fe River. Live Oak has an interesting history that goes back to the 1800s when it was first founded as a railroad stop. The city is named after an oak tree known as the Southern Live Oak Tree, a once-popular place for railroad workers in the past to rest and eat lunch. As of 2019, the total population of Live Oak was recorded at 6850 people, and the total area under Live Oak is about 7.63 square miles.

Widely known for its history and culture that dates back to the 19th century, Live Oak is a small and peaceful town with loads to offer to its visitors. Some popular points of interest in Live Oak include the Heritage Park and Gardens, a serene tourist destination that features over 90 acres of gardens and green landscapes for tourists to explore. The Suwannee Country Club, a 9-hole golf course for sports enthusiasts and a driving range that is open to the public, and the Troy Springs State Park, a lovely tourist destination that features a deep-water spring that is ideal for fishing and snorkeling.

Live Oak Florida

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Live Oak is the ideal place to settle on a long-term basis for those who wish to get away from a busy metropolitan lifestyle. The city has an abundance of natural sights and destinations for locals and visitors to explore, as well as proximity to popular places of interest in Northeast Florida. If you require a mortgage quote online in Live Oak, contact We are a mortgage broker that is linked with various top lenders in Live Oak to help you choose the right mortgage program for your future property.


Live Oak, Florida

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