MacClenny Florida

Situated in Northeast Florida, MacClenny is a city in Eastern Baker County, which is also the county seat of Baker County. Historically, MacClenny was known as Darbyville because a vast majority of the land in the area was owned by the Darby family, who had settled there during the American Civil War. In the following years, Darbyville became to be known as McClenny and was later renamed to MacClenny after the establishment of the first post office in MacClenny in 1890. The total geographical area under MacClenny is 4.87 square miles, and the estimated population of the city was recorded at 6940 people in 2019.

With its proximity to both Jacksonville and Gainesville, there are many places that local explorers can visit in MacClenny, such as beaches, shopping centers, historic attractions, and themed restaurants. Some of these places include Heritage Park Village, a beautiful park and village with some historical and cultural sights. The Riverside Arts Market, a popular market and shopping center with loads of commodities and essentials. Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, a family wildlife attraction and themed garden place, and the Cummer Museum of Art, a notable art museum with thousands of artifacts, sculptures, and visual artwork.

MacClenny Florida

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