Madison Florida

Situated in the central region of Florida, Madison is a city located in Madison County. Historically, Madison city was first ruled over by Spain and the United Kingdom after coming under the control of the United States. Home to suitable weather and climate conditions all year round, Madison also has breathtaking sites that can serve as the perfect tourist spots for your friends and family. According to a population estimate in 2019, the total population of Madison is 2,763 people, with a population density of 1048.18 per square mile.

The city of Madison offers a plethora of different activities that you can enjoy. The Madison Blue Springs State Park is the best way to wash away all the heat and the scorching sun. The clean blue water is cool and is the best way to spend your day. The Treasures of Madison County is a beautifully designed museum that pays special homage to the city’s history. This small museum is humble and takes into account the riveting history of the city. Four Freedoms Park is located in Madison city and showcases the historical importance of this area. What marks Madison as a visit-worthy area is its awe-worthy representation of historical artifacts.

Madison Florida

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It is a wise choice to settle in Madison on a long-term basis as the city center offers an array of outdoor activities, historical relics, and theme parks. Madison is also located in a peaceful and secure location of Central Florida, avoiding the hustle of metropolitan areas. If you are purchasing a home for the first time in Madison and need a mortgage loan quote in Madison, contact We are a mortgage broker that will link you to top mortgage loan lenders in Madison, helping you make the right decision while opting for a mortgage loan program.


Madison, Florida

the City of Madison

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