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Situated in a central location of Lafayette County, Mayo is a small town settlement and the only incorporated town in Lafayette County. With a population of just over 1200 people, Mayo is often dubbed as ‘Smalltown America’. The town of Mayo encapsulates a total area of 0.90 square miles and is elevated at 89 feet. In 2018, Mayo changed its town name to Miracle Whip temporarily as a marketing slogan with Kraft’s Miracle Whip. The following phrase was often used in advertising practices: ‘Is it Mayo or Miracle Whip?’

The town of Mayo is situated adjacent to popular tourist destinations in Central Florida. Some of the popular destinations to visit nearby on a trip to Mayo include the Lafayette Blue Springs State Park, a beautiful state park that offers an opportunity for camping and sightseeing. The Suwannee River, a riverside resort that is ideal for kayaking and canoeing, and the R.O Ranch Equestrian Park, a popular park for horseback riding and tours. Besides tourist attractions that are outside Mayo, the town itself has a beautiful courthouse to explore, two well-known restaurants to try out local food, and a gift shop to explore collectibles and antique items.

Mayo Florida

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A quiet and peaceful town settlement in Lafayette County, Mayo is one of those settlements in Florida that leave a lasting impression on its visitors. Not only is the community friendly and warn-welcoming to its visitors and new settlers, but its easy access to nearby tourist destinations makes Mayo an ideal place to settle in. If you are looking to settle in Mayo and require a mortgage broker quote to help you purchase a property there, then you are in luck. is a mortgage broker that is partnered with top lenders in Mayo that will provide you with a suitable mortgage loan plan according to your requirements and housing ambitions.


Mayo, Florida

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