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Miami Beach is arguably one of the most sought-after destinations to live in across the whole of Florida. Miami is well-known thanks to its prominence in popular culture, but also for its fantastic weather, mixed cultural background, and high quality of life index. The costs of living here can also vary in large part depending on how luxurious the property is.

One of the biggest draws to Miami Beach is the very high climate index. There is favorable weather throughout the year with a high score of 85.69 as provided by Numbeo. The city is also known for its strong healthcare system with a health care system index of 62.91. In terms of real estate, people have limited options with regards to single family homes, as the city is mostly condos.

With an estimated population of around 88,000 according to the latest U.S. census, Miami Beach isn’t the largest city in Florida but it’s often known as one of the most lively. Thanks to the high population and status of the city, the real estate market on SOBE has seen its ups and downs and there are countless opportunities for homeowners to purchase property with help from a trusted mortgage broker.

Miami Beach - South Beach Real Estate

Basic information about Miami Beach

Miami Beach is located on man-made barrier islands that separate the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay. It is home to several religious communities with a network of synagogues and yeshivas. In addition, Miami Beach has been regarded as a hotspot for the local community. For decades, it has been ranked as one of the most friendly cities in the United States with multiple services and resource organizations dedicated to the community.

In terms of education, there are plenty of public and private schools such as North Beach Elementary and Treasure Island Elementary. The Florida International University School of Architecture also has a sister campus on Lincoln Road around 17th St.

Public transportation in Miami Beach is operated by Miami-Dade Transit (MDT). Public transit is a vital part of city life locally and while it has no Metrorail stations, there are numerous Metrobus lines that connect to Downtown Miami and Metrorail. The South Beach Local (SBL) line is one of the busiest lines in Miami and connects major points of SOBE to other bus lines within the city. In general, Metrobus ridership is very high here and residents are heavily reliant on it. Alternatively, residents may rely more on cycling to get around. Due to the dense urban nature and pedestrian-friendly streets, cycling has grown in popularity and there are also bicycle sharing systems available around. For residents that prefer not to own a car, SOBE is a perfectly accessible city thanks to all of the public transport options available.

Miami Beach is known for its many iconic shopping districts. This includes Lincoln Road Mall, the Miami Design District, and the boutique stores in Wynwood. These districts offer unique shopping experiences with well-known brand name stores, local boutiques, and a mix of fine dining restaurants and fast-food chains. There are also many amenities such as gyms, healthcare centers, and banks located close to the major shopping districts. Some of the most popular neighborhoods in South Beach include Belle Isle, City Center, Di Lido, Star, Palm, and Rivo Alto islands.

In Mid-Beach, there are three neighborhoods; Oceanfront, Bayshore, and Nautilus. In North Beach, there are four neighborhoods; Biscayne Point, Isle of Normandy, La Gorce, and North Shore.

Purchasing real estate in Miami Beach

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or are looking to relocate your family, Miami Beach could be a great location for your next home. Homes here can be expensive, but if you are looking to purchase, we will try to help you secure a mortgage on your dream home.

So if you’re curious about purchasing a home in Miami Beach, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mortgage Quote today for more information. As mortgage broker specialists, we can try and help you find a program to help you buy your dream home. We’d be more than happy to give you the guidance to make it happen. Simply get in touch with us today to get a mortgage quote and we’ll take it from there.