Miami Beach Florida

Miami Beach Florida was founded in 1915, it is located near the Port of Miami and Downtown Miami. This area makes up the commercial epicenter of South Florida. The area is rich in history, culture and the arts, playing host to Art Basel, a global art fair around December each year.

Lower Miami Beach is also known as South Beach, or SOBE for short, is famous for people that want to bring their talents to South Beach. Miami Vice, fashion, models, night clubs, restaurants and the Art Deco Historic District is what makes Miami different. Gianni Versace’s former mansion is located off of Ocean Avenue, is located at the heart of SOBE. Movies also love to film here as Somethings About Mary showed lighter side of Miami Beach. Some of the most exclusive places on the beach are hidden locations with no sign nor advertising. This should come as no surprise as famous singers boast about the areas lifestyle in various songs. Lincoln Road is a famous street that is mostly closed off with myriad restaurants and shops to gaze into.

Miami Beach’s surrounding neighborhoods include famously wealthy areas, such as Star Island and Fisher Island. Some of the most amazing homes in South Florida are located in these islands. These neighborhoods have grown over the years, even becoming more exclusive partly due to the location of these luxury homes. The Miami Beach Convention Center is a historic building that encompasses 1.2 million square feet of space, this plays host to a series of events such as Art Basel and eMerge America. Miami Beach is surrounded by commercial buildings and condos as there are very few homes located in this area.

Miami Beach Florida

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