Miami Lakes Florida

Miami Lakes, Florida is a suburban town situated in the Miami Dade County of Florida, that was constructed by Graham Companies in 1962. The town is regarded as one of the newest cities in Miami County and has a total population of 31,628 people as of 2018.

Miami Lakes gets its name from the abundance of lakes in its area, being surrounded by approximately 2 dozen lakes in its vicinity. The town has rapidly developed as one of the main business hubs of Florida, with over 1,700 established businesses, and continues to expand industrially and economically over time, proving to be a very business-friendly community.

Among some of its notable tourist destinations, Miami Lakes Optimist Park is one of the more famous parks located in the town. Not only does the park offer eye-catching scenery, but is also well known for being a tourist spot. Thus, the park is open to people of all ages. Garden of Arts is another popular tourist attraction in Miami Lakes. The city is renowned for its display of artwork and sculptures, with plenty of entertainment and refreshment shops for visitors.

Miami Lakes Florida

Planning to settle in Miami Lakes, Florida?

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