Miramar Florida

City in Southern Broward County Florida, Miramar is a city with a population of approximately 122,041 people. The founder of Miramar, A. L. Mailman served it as a bedroom community for Miami and thus developed 56 homes initially. Since both home construction and land were low cost, in the beginning, it sold quickly thus forming the city of Miramar. To this date, Miramar, Florida is part of the 12th largest radio market and 17th largest television market of the US known as the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood Media Market.

Located along the Atlantic Ocean, Miramar has a lot of things to do that make it special. This small city is filled with golf clubs and since Florida is a land of golf lovers, Miramar is a place to visit. One of the best golf courts in Miramar is in Flamingo Lakes Golf Course. This semi-private golf club is open to the public giving it more attractive to all golf lovers however during peak hours, members do get preference. Also, Monster Mini Golf is also one of the best spots for all golf lovers in Miramar.

Miramar, Florida is also known for its Big Cypress National Preserve with preserves of nearly 700,000 acres. Having swamps and forests within, this place is ideal for all people wishing to see different wildlife, fishing and all that nature has to offer.

Miramar Florida

Planning to settle down in Miramar, Florida?

With its clean streets, friendly environment, and dozens of things to do during day and night, Miramar is a relaxing place for someone who plans to settle down. It is a city good for all sizes of households. However, settling to a new city is a bit of a task that requires a lot of help. Luckily New Century Financial Mortgage is available if you obtain a mortgage quote if you plan to invest in a property here. We are a boutique brokerage firm that helps their clients with the mortgage loan process and provide a luxury customer experience.