Moore Haven Florida

Moore Haven is a coastal city in Florida that is firmly situated at the junction between Lake Okeechobee and Caloosahatchee River. Moore Haven is the main county seat of Glades County and is located towards the south of the county. During its early days, Moore Haven was often nicknamed "Little Chicago" due to its status as an important agricultural and economic hub. The City of Moore Haven is named after James A. Moore who was the Anglo-American founder of the city.

The history of the establishment of Moore Haven can be traced back to the region where Native Americans and Seminole people once lived for thousands of years.The Great Miami Hurricane strongly shifted the landscape of the city in 1926, incurring heavy losses in Moore Haven. With a total area of 1.1 square miles, an estimated population of 1,726 people was recorded in the 2014 census.

Moore Haven is known for its camping resorts, freshwater fishing opportunities, and beautiful hiking trails. It also hosts Cane Grinding and Sour Orange festivals. Popular attractions of Moore Haven include the Okeechobee Airboat Charters, Gatorama, Chappy's Outfitters, Skydive Spaceland, Florida Ridge Airsports Park, and Fisheating Creek outpost. Each attraction has its cultural charm in Moore Haven, which sparks the attention of visitors and explorers in the area.

Moore Haven Florida

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