Myrtle Grove Florida

With a population of 15,870 people, Myrtle Grove is a census area and a suburban community that is situated along the Florida Panhandle, and in southern Escambia County. Forming a part of the Pensacola, Brent and Ferry Pass Metropolitan Area, this area spans over a total area of 6.7 square miles at an elevation of 75 feet. The community is bordered by West Pensacola to its east, and Warrington to its south

Myrtle Grove is a small community that offers a peaceful atmosphere and a charming waterfront setting. From fine dining, to fishing, to fabulous shopping, the city will only enhance the simple pleasures in life. If you are fond of the outdoors and wish to enjoy the Florida sunshine by the coastline, then this city will surely impress you.

Popular places to explore around Myrtle Grove include the Navy Point Park, a stunning waterfront park with a spacious garden. Bayous Marcus Birding Trail, a boardwalk and wildlife observation area that is suitable for all ages. National Naval Aviation Museum, a local museum that exhibits historic aircraft and aircraft tours, and Goofy Golf of Pensacola, a serene tourist destination to enjoy a relaxing game of golf.

Myrtle Grove Florida

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Myrtle Grove is a colorful community in beautiful, tropical Florida. It’s home to many families who enjoy the beaches, warm weather, and the gentle breezes. The community has a rich heritage of southern living, with a modern twist.

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