Naples Real Estate

Naples is a golfing hotspot and it’s also a popular fishing destination. It’s known for calm waters, fine sand and of course, shopping districts.

Naples appeals to nature lovers as well as beach aficionados. Third Street South and Fifth Avenue South are focal points in the downtown area, with chic clothing stores, home décor shops and even art galleries. Take a look below to find out more about real estate Naples and everything that it has to offer.

Properties in Real Estate Naples

It doesn’t matter what type of property you are seeking because there are many options when it comes to real estate Naples. It’s a very diverse area and it’s full of amenities and things to do, whether you’re a professional looking for a primary home or someone looking to buy a second property. If you want a property on a seasonal basis, or that you want a full-time property then Naples is a popular option. Get a mortgage quote to see if you are interested in purchasing a property.

Real Estate Naples for Tourists and Travelers

Naples is a destination that attracts vacationers, tourists and travelers. People come from every state across the USA, and this helps to make the properties in Naples both vibrant and attractive. Real estate Naples is always evolving and developing, with condos, properties and homes available across a wide price range.

Areas to Live in Real Estate Naples

If you want to find out more about some of the most popular areas to live in Naples real estate or if you want to find out more about the neighbourhoods in general then simply take a look below.

Naples Real Estate

Conners at Vanderbilt Beach

Conners at Vanderbilt Beach is very popular with those who are seeking homes on the water. You have canals that provide boating access right to the Gulf of Mexico, not to mention that you are also within walking distance to a huge range of beaches. Vanderbilt Beach is also known for its entertainment as well. This area is popular with professionals who need space for that very reason.

Pelican Bay

Pelican Bay is a popular community, and it can be found to the west of Route 41. It’s got a private beach with plenty of fantastic amenities. You will also find a range of property types with varied prices. Pelican Bay was once known as Clam Bay, with many mangroves planted to ensure neighbourhood appeal. The natural beauty of the area is stunning, not to mention that the Sandbar Restaurant and the Sunset Cafe are all in very close proximity. Local residents can easily enjoy a meal without straying too far from home and there are all kinds of birds as well, for those who have a keen interest in nature.

Pelican Marsh

Pelican Marsh is a gated community and it’s in a fantastic location. Here, you will have access to everything, from extensive amenities to various sizes of neighborhoods. The mature landscaping also makes room for golf courses, lakes and more.You will also find plenty of dining facilities with mature landscaping. There is also 133 acres of nature, which helps to provide an environment for wildlife. This includes wading birds, eagles and other creatures.

Pine Ridge

Pine Ridge is located around one mile from the Gulf of Mexico and it is bordered by Vanderbilt Beach. It’s not far for you to ride downtown if you want to do some shopping either. The greenery helps to provide a secluded feel and the neighbourhood is very close to nearby schools. This includes Pine Ridge middle school. There are also two popular shopping districts located either side of the neighbourhood too. You can visit Waterside Shops and Mercato, or if you want even more entertainment, it’s not far to travel to Fifth Avenue South. This is an attraction that is known for boutiques and fine dining.

Naples Park

Naples Park can provide you with luxurious beaches that are within walking distance. When it comes to shopping, you have a huge range of boutiques. There’s also a large range of retail shops too. Some of them include Tommy Bahama, Nordstrom Rack and Z Gallerie. In terms of dining, there are Mexican restaurants and Asian-fusion restaurants too. You also have the Capital Grille, which is very esteemed in the restaurant world. Naples Park is also known for lush landscaping, with maintained parks and open space.