Niceville Florida

Niceville is a coastal city that is located along Florida’s Emerald Coast, and in Okaloosa County. Home to a growing population of 12,749 people, the city was initially known as ‘Boggy’ in 1868, but was later renamed to Niceville in 1910. The city of Niceville covers a total geographical area of 14 square miles, and is a twin city along with Valparaiso, which borders it on the west.

Niceville, Florida can be described as peaceful, luxurious, and elegant. While the area is serene and exquisite, there is no shortage of things to do. Residents enjoy the luxury of waterfront properties, quality family time, and local events that always have something entertaining going on.

Frequently visited places around Niceville include Turkey Creek Park, Niceville Children’s Park, Heritage Museum of Northwest Florida and Niceville Dog Park. A stark similarity of all these tourist sights is that they all have vast green spaces and beautiful landscapes, providing an excellent platform for outdoor relaxation and recreational activities.

Niceville Florida

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Beautiful beaches and fabulous weather year round makes Niceville a fantastic choice for visiting beach-lovers. The sun glistens off the crystal-clear water here, and rises high into an azure sky, setting the tone of a beautiful sunset city.

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