North Lauderdale Florida

Incorporated in 1963, North Lauderdale is a city that is situated in the heart of Florida’s Broward County. The early history of North Lauderdale dates back to the 60s when the region was mainly used as a grazing pasture for cows and horses. Infrastructure development took place in North Lauderdale when Morris Lapidus, a renowned architect recognized an opportunity to work with a blank slate.

Thus, the city of North Lauderdale was eventually laid out with the vision of affordable homes in a family-oriented community. Today, North Lauderdale expands over a total area of 4.69 square miles, with nearly all of its geography based on land, and the total population of the city was about 44,262 in 2019.

North Lauderdale is well known as a city where locals like to enjoy their outdoors and have a nice barbeque in the evening after a long day of work. Thus, there are many parks and natural centers scattered across the city.

Popular points of interest in North Lauderdale include Hampton Pines Park, a local park that has a dedicated picnic space, a playground, and a lake for fishing. Woodville Dog Park, a great place to walk your pets and enjoy a view of the surroundings, and the Fern Forest Center, a local wilderness area that is home to a different variety of natural habitats.

North Lauderdale Florida

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