North Miami Florida

Settled in 1890, North Miami is a city that is situated in the northeast part of Miami-Dade County in Florida. The city was initially incorporated as a town in 1926, but following rapid industrial and residential growth in the region after World War II, The city was incorporated as a city in 1953 under a charter in the Florida Legislature.

North Miami is home to a large Haitian American population and former military veterans that settled in the area after World War II. According to an estimate in 2019, the total population of the city was recorded at 58,786 people, while the city itself expands over a total area of 10.0 square miles.

The city of North Miami is widely known for its boulevard area and natural parks that are a signature of Miami-Dade County. Some of the top sights in the area include the Museum of Contemporary Art, a local museum that hosts a splendid collection of artifacts, paintings, and decorations.

The Dezerland Park, a local amusement park with a plethora of activities and indoor fun for children. Biscayne Boulevard, the center of attraction in North Miami with a rich diversity of shops, restaurants, cafes, and motels to explore, and Haulover Park, a beachside park with plenty of space for outdoor activities.

North Miami Florida

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