North Palm Beach Florida

Incorporated in August 1956, North Palm Beach is a coastal village that is located across Southern Florida on the East Coast, and in Palm Beach County. The village is an award-winning community, regarded as one of the best-planned communities across Florida. Development started in this upscale community in 1956, transforming the community of North Palm Beach into a luxurious waterfront village.

According to the U.S Census, the village covers a total geographical area of 5.29 square miles, with a total of about 7000 households in its residential area. The community is also in proximity to Lake Park to its south and Juno Park to its north, connected by U.S Route 1 and Florida 811.

North Palm Beach is a picturesque village of lush tropical forests and stunning white sandy beaches. It also offers a relaxed lifestyle and plenty of entertainment and dining options for its locals and visitors. If you are in search of a vacation destination along the East Coast, you would surely not want to miss North Palm Beach.

Notable tourist sights and destinations to explore near the village include Peanut Island, Ocean Reef Park, Little Munyon Island, and John D. McArthur State Park.

North Palm Beach Florida

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