North Port Florida

Incorporated in 1959, North Port is a city that is situated in the Sarasota County of Florida. Initially, the city was incorporated under the name “North Port Charlotte” according to the Florida Legislature. However, in 1974, the residents of North Port voted and approved a name change of the city to “North Port” via a referendum.

Today, North Port is an established suburban city, home to mainly retirees and veterans who tend to lean conservative. According to an estimate in 2019, the total population of North Port was recorded at 66,410 people, and the total area under North Port is 104.23 square miles.

The city of North Port is home to a renowned archaeological site known as Little Salt Spring, which is owned entirely by the University of Miami. There are many other points of interest in North Port that make this city unique and special.

Some of these places include the Blind Pass Beach, a beautiful beachside resort with a fishing spot and mangroves area. Don Pedro Island, another local beach that serves as an excellent resort for sunbathing and beachside activities.

The Myakka State Forest, a great place nearby that offers a campsite, and other outdoor activities such as fishing and hiking, and the Manasota Key Beach, another beach in North Port that is known for its dune trails and boating activities.

North Port Florida

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North Port is home to some of the best beachside resorts and islands in Florida that enhance its natural beauty. These attractions have made North Port a popular place to visit in Sarasota County.

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