Okeechobee County Florida

Founded in May 1917, Okeechobee County is a U.S County that is located in the Southern portion of Florida, adjacent to the Martin and St. Lucie Counties to its east. The area is named after Lake Okeechobee, where the word ‘Okee’ means water, and the word ‘chobee’ means water. The area has 3 incorporated communities in its region, with its county seat in Okeechobee, and the two other communities being census-designated places, namely Cypress Quarters and Taylor Creek. The community extends over a total area of 892 square miles, and the total population in Okeechobee County was estimated at 42,168 people in 2019.

There are many points of interest and sights to explore in Okeechobee County that make it stand out from other counties in Florida. Some of these places include the Kissimmee River, a prime location for hunting, fishing, and camping next to the river. The Scenic Trail, a vast hiking trail that offers a mesmerizing view of natural surroundings, and is the ideal spot for hiking, trekking, and other outdoor activities. Other tourist attractions in this area include Dark Hammock, Flagler Park, Platt Bluff, Snake River, and Eagle Bay, all of which have a unique experience to offer to their visitors.

Okeechobee County Florida

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Okeechobee County