Olympia Heights Florida

Located in the central portion of Miami-Dade County, Olympia Heights is a coastal neighborhood that covers a total geographical area of 3 square miles. The neighborhood is positioned next to Sunset and Glenvar Heights, with Florida State Road 976 connecting it to Miami and surrounding districts. According to the U.S Census, Olympia Heights has an estimated population of 13,452 people that are settled in 4,157 households in the area.

The community of Olympia Heights consists of homes and townhouses in a suburban setting. Many old oak trees, jogging paths, and ponds add to the beauty of the community. It is near Miami-Dade County schools, shopping centers, restaurants and is just a few minutes away from the coast.

Due to its ideal central location in Miami-Dade, Olympia Heights has convenient access to nearby tourist attractions such as Tropical Park, a serene biking destination that has 4 distinct lakes for lakeside activities. A.D Barnes Park, a nature center that hosts an array of recreational activities for children and families, and Bird Bowl Bowling Center. This bowling alley has more than 60 lanes for bowling and a cafe for refreshment, attracting thousands of visitors throughout the year.

Olympia Heights Florida

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