Ormond Beach Florida

Ormond Beach, Florida is located in Volusia County, close to Daytona Beach. Ormond Beach is a small city with 39.0 square miles and a population of approximately 43,759 people. Looking upon historical perspective, the city was once in the realm of Timucuan Indians. Due to its hard and white sand. The city was a common relief spot in winters, especially during the Civil War. At the beginning of 1902, some of the first automobile races were held on the laconic sand from Ormond Beach to Daytona Beach. Prior called Ormond South, the city was named Ormond Beach in 1949.

Ormond Beach, Florida is a center of attraction for its charm and natural beauty, along with its cultural and historical side. It is best known for being the center of golf clubs in the state. People from all around the state come to visit the golf clubs of Ormond Beach. Apart from that, it is also famous for Addison Blockhouse Historic State Park. This park is well renowned for its old homestead that once was the residence of John Addison, approximately in the 1800’s.

Other than its historical affiliation, the city is also known for its rivers that open straight into the Atlantic. Tomoka River is surrounded by dense forest and exhibits marine life that can be seen clearly in the water. Along with a beautiful location, it also has a historical site where Native Americans used to live.

Ormond Beach Florida

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