Pace Florida

Situated in Santa Rosa County and the Florida Panhandle, Pace is a census-designated place that spans over a total area of 9.4 square miles of land. Pace is home to a population of 34,000 residents and 7,956 households that reside in this area.

Since its inception in the early 1900s, Pace has witnessed significant growth in its area, and that too at a remarkable place. Just over a few years ago, Pace was a mere rural community with a few households.

Today, Pace is a flourishing suburb of Pensacola that continues to develop at a steady rate.

Pace is a small community in Santa Rosa County where the common comforts of home and community grow every day. You’ll find more than beaches and golf in Pace.

Get to know the community of Pace, and you’ll find an active settlement enjoying the most of what a Pensacola suburb has to offer. Due to its proximity to major Florida cities and districts, there are a number of top tourist destinations near Pace that are worth a visit.

These places include Floridatown Park, Arcadia Mill, Escambia Bay and the UWF Bike Trails.

Pace Florida

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Pace is a community full of friendly people from all walks of life. The pace of life here will remind you that the small-town vibe is still very much alive.

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