Parkland Florida

Located in northern Broward County, Parkland is a relatively small city with a rural atmosphere. Spread over an area of over 14 square miles, this city has a small population of just above 30,000 citizens. The design of the city is made to protect its “park-like” appeal. A peaceful place with all the advantages of a city, Parkland is unlike other cities with bustling lives and busy streets. You will find the residents here very friendly and supportive. Parkland is located right in the center with some of the most important cities in Florida, which are easily accessible from here. This city has developed very much in the last few years and has a lot more room to grow, it has some of the nicest parks, restaurants, cafés, and stores.

Since Parkland is a small city with a rural atmosphere, this allows for a relaxed atmosphere such as visiting parks and going to golf clubs. However, a short drive east over the Sawgrass Expy will take you straight to some of the best beaches in Florida. But if you still want something to do in the city, you can go to Quiet Waters Park where you can enjoy sun and watersports. In addition, you can go to Cypress Park and Pool to have some fun.

Parkland Florida

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Parkland is a great place to live, the city is peaceful and a quiet place with all the advantages of living close proximity to major cities. Driving across the town you will find families of all sizes going for walks and friends playing tennis. Let New Century Financial Mortgage help you obtain a mortgage according to your needs and budget. In addition, will help provide a boutique atmosphere with a personalized representative. Give us a call today and start a new part of your life.


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