Pasco County Florida

Situated along the west-central coast of Florida, Pasco County is a U.S County that was founded in June 1887. Pasco County is named after Samuel Pasco, who served as the U.S Senator for Florida from 1887 to 1889. Initially a part of Hernando County, Pasco County was created as a separate county as a result of a legislation signing that established both Citrus County and Pasco County. Pasco County has its county seat in Dade City, and the largest community in Pasco County is Wesley Chapel. The county extends over a total geographical area of 868 square miles, and the total population of Pasco County in 2019 was recorded at 553,947 people.

A number of parks themed resorts, and islands really make Pasco County stand out from other adjacent counties in the region. Some of the top sights in Pasco County include Anclote Keys, a stunning island that features a nature park and beaches for tourists to enjoy sunbathing, beachside activities, and exploring natural sights. Giraffe Ranch, a public safari park that offers a full tour of the area, and exhibits a rich display of wildlife, particularly giraffes, and the Snowcat Ridge, a public park with a lush garden, and space for picnics and outdoor activities.

Pasco County Florida

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Pasco County, Florida