Pine Breeze Acres

Found in Brevard County, Florida, this neighborhood is located in Cocoa which boasts an amazing climate, explaining why it gets so many tourists and new buyers every year. Those who know what they’re doing know that finding the right property for them shouldn’t be difficult. Pine Breeze Acres is one of the more notable options to consider.

Amazing Properties In Pine Breeze Acres

Pine Breeze Acres is a popular community for buyers and tourists looking for comfortable properties boasting stunning views, great amenities, and a luxury feel. Despite the luxury these properties boast, they’re far from the most expensive to buy, and shouldn’t be unaffordable for most people.

We think you will be getting a lot of bang for your buck, with the community having what we feel is everything you’d need to live a comfortable lifestyle. With a quick tour, you’ll find your perfect property in no time. The high-end units and stunning views shouldn’t have a problem convincing you otherwise.

Pine Breeze Acres

Nearby Features & Amenities

Outside of the stellar properties on-site, Pine Breeze Acres boast countless nearby amenities. Located in Cocoa, it’s close to everything the city has to offer, and buyers or tourists shouldn’t have to travel far to get to these. In many cases, they could just be a few minutes away.

Those looking to venture further afield can always travel to the rest of Brevard County, with everything only being a few minutes away in a car. Using public transport is also relatively quick and practical. Parents also shouldn’t have a problem getting their children to the nearby schools as they are fairly close by. If you are looking to get a mortgage in this community, then connect with us to see if you qualify.