Plantation Florida

Plantation, Florida is located in Broward County, it is a small yet principal city of Miami Metropolitan, Frederick C. Peters, a main figure in developing Plantation, changed the main focus from have a rice plantation to ranch buildings, and gave its name of “The Dream City. The estimated population of Plantation is 94,850 and is growing.

The place, as suggested by its name, is well known for being green and close to nature. Plantation Historical Museum is a prime example; the museum is best known for having a rich heritage of the area’s development throughout history. Apart from providing exposure to historical artifacts, the city is also known to have a peaceful environment that one can enjoy at any time. The Plantation has a tropical rainforest climate, providing for ideal weather all year round.

In Plantation, there are a lot of coffee shops and parks. Many families and young professionals live in Plantation and residents tend to lean liberal. Plantation Preserve Golf Course is also a place worth mentioning. This golf course is Florida’s most famous public golf course. The golf course was opened to the public in 2006 and is admired for offering natural beauty and golf lessons for people of all ages.

Plantation Florida

Planning to settle in Plantation, Florida?

Living in Plantation has its perks as it is connected to the main city of Miami. However, being a little out of the city makes it an ideally peaceful community to settle in. If you qualify, New Century Financial Mortgage can help provide an online mortgage quote that may be able to meet your needs.