Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte is a CDP (Census Designated Place) within Charlotte County and is situated in the Southwestern region of Florida. The Port Charlotte area was first inhabited by Native Americans who settled in the area thousands of years ago. The population has risen from just over 20 thousand people in 2000 to about 54 thousand in 2010, primarily due to an increase in residential building permits issued by developers during that decade. Port Charlotte extends over a total geographical area of 32.3 square miles and is elevated at 7 feet above sea level.

Situated on Florida's Gulf Coast, Port Charlotte is a charming community that offers residents and visitors alike an array of opportunities. From fishing to golfing to shopping, there are activities for everyone in this small town. With its proximity to beaches and other attraction like the Port Charlotte Beach Park, Ollie’s Pond Park, and Bayshore Live Oak Park, there is much to do and explore in this community that is friendly, peaceful, and very welcoming to visitors who are looking to settle here on a long-term basis.

Port Charlotte

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Port Charlotte, Florida

Port Charlotte



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