Richmond West Florida

Richmond West is a suburban community and a CDP that is situated in Southern Florida’s Miami-Dade County. As of 2000, a total number of 28,082 residents reside in Richmond West, with the area spanning over 4.3 square miles, according to the U.S Census Bureau. The area around Richmond West has an interesting history; dating back to the 1900s when there was a settlement named Eureka in the area.

Eureka witnessed the construction and closure of several buildings during its time, including the Eureka Schoolhouse in 1907, and the Seaboard Air Line Railway in 1927. These buildings were either consolidated at a later date or replaced by modern-day successors. However, with the construction of the Seaboard Air Line Railway became a depot, which is now known as Richmond.

Richmond West has a quiet, suburban charm that invites families to explore this upscale community. With its location in the heart of Miami-Dade County, the friendly neighborhood of Richmond West offers plenty of outdoor activities and a true sense of community.

Some of the notable places to visit near Richmond West include Zoo Miami, Monkey Jungle, Wings Over Miami Museum, and Gold Coast Railroad Museum. The Richmond West CDP itself has many historic buildings, shops, and cafes to explore that add to the charm of this southern community.

Richmond West Florida

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