Santander Tower on Brickell Avenue

Brickell Avenue, located in the heart of Miami, is known for its stunning skyline and impressive architecture.

Brickell Avenue, located in the heart of Miami, is known for its stunning skyline and impressive architecture. Among the many buildings that make up this iconic street, one stands out as a modern marvel of urban architecture - the Santander Tower.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at the Santander Tower on Brickell Avenue, its history, design, and impact on the surrounding area.

A Brief History of the Santander Tower

The Santander Tower, also known as the Espirito Santo Plaza, was completed in 2004 and stands at an impressive 492 feet tall. It was designed by renowned architecture firm Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates and developed by Espirito Santo Plaza LLC.

The tower was originally intended to be the headquarters for the Espirito Santo Bank, but after the bank's collapse in 2011, it was acquired by the Spanish bank Santander and renamed the Santander Tower.

Design and Architecture

The Santander Tower is a 36-story skyscraper that boasts a sleek and modern design. Its exterior is made up of a combination of glass and steel, giving it a futuristic and sophisticated look.

The building's unique shape, with its curved corners and sloping sides, was designed to maximize views of the surrounding area and create a sense of movement and dynamism. The tower's height and location also allow for unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline.

Sustainable Features

The Santander Tower is not only visually striking, but it also incorporates sustainable features that make it a leader in green building design. The tower was awarded LEED Gold certification for its energy-efficient systems and sustainable materials.

Some of the sustainable features of the Santander Tower include a high-performance glazing system, energy-efficient lighting, and a rainwater harvesting system that reduces water consumption by 30%.

Santander Tower on Brickell Avenue

Impact on the Surrounding Area

The Santander Tower has had a significant impact on the surrounding area, both visually and economically. Its striking design and height make it a standout in the Miami skyline, and it has become a popular landmark for tourists and locals alike.

The tower's location on Brickell Avenue, known as the "Wall Street of the South", has also contributed to its economic impact. The area is home to many financial institutions, law firms, and other businesses, making it a hub for commerce and business.

Revitalization of the Area

The construction of the Santander Tower also played a role in the revitalization of the Brickell Avenue area. Before the tower's construction, the area was primarily made up of low-rise buildings and parking lots. The addition of the Santander Tower brought new life to the area and spurred further development and growth.

The tower's ground floor also features retail and dining options, adding to the vibrancy of the area and making it a popular destination for both residents and visitors.

Other Notable Features

Aside from its striking design and sustainable features, the Santander Tower also boasts some other notable features that make it stand out among other buildings in the area.

Sky Lobby

The tower's sky lobby, located on the 36th floor, offers breathtaking views of the city and Biscayne Bay. It serves as a gathering space for tenants and features a lounge area, conference rooms, and a fitness center.


The Santander Tower is one of the few buildings in Miami to have a helipad on its roof. This feature is not only visually striking but also serves as a convenient amenity for tenants and visitors.

Art Collection

The tower's lobby and public spaces feature an impressive art collection, curated by the Espirito Santo Bank. The collection includes works by renowned artists such as Fernando Botero, Roy Lichtenstein, and Frank Stella.


The Santander Tower on Brickell Avenue is a true testament to the power of modern urban architecture. Its striking design, sustainable features, and impact on the surrounding area make it a standout among the many buildings that make up the Miami skyline.

Whether you're admiring it from afar or taking in the views from its sky lobby, the Santander Tower is a must-see for anyone interested in urban architecture and design.