South Bradenton Florida

With a population of 21,000 residents, South Bradenton is a census-designated place (CDP) and a community that is situated in the Manatee County of Florida, U.S. The city is part of the Bradenton Metropolitan Area, and covers a total geographical area of 4.6 square miles.

A Community that has seen remarkable economic and industrial growth in the last decade, South Bradenton boasts a bright future, with businesses and developments blooming and the thriving community that is continuing to grow.

Located in beautiful coastal Florida, the city is just minutes from historic Venice and is home to great beaches, seaside resorts, and natural landscapes in its vicinity. Surf fishing, sailing, and crabbing are just some of the fun things to do in this city.

Some of the most noteworthy places to visit and explore include the Robinson Nature Preserve, Lecom Park, Cortez Beach and Riverwalk. What is really charming about all these places is their beautiful natural scenery, which only enhances an otherwise aesthetic Florida sunset.

South Bradenton Florida

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South Bradenton is a special community. It is a place for second chances, new friends, family gatherings, and celebrating life. This is a warm and welcoming community with plenty of character bound by unique parks and trails.

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