Port St. Lucie County

St. Lucie County is a county that is situated in the South Eastern region of Florida in the U.S. Founded in May 1905, St. Lucie County is named after St. Lucie Inlet, an inlet located in Martin County. St. Lucie County has a rich history of the Ais tribe that inhabited the area. St. Lucie County was also frequently visited by Spanish explorers passing by the area and had frequent confrontations with the Ais tribe. The county was also rocked by two hurricanes in 2004 and saw an economic downfall in 2008. However, modern-day St. Lucie County is a thriving county with sustained economic and infrastructure growth. St. Lucie County has its county seat in Fort Pierce, whereas the largest city in St. Lucie county is Port St. Lucie. As of 2019, the total population in St. Lucie County was recorded at 328,297 people.

There are many top sights in St. Lucie County that make it stand out from other Florida counties. Some of these places include the National Navy SEAL Museum, a museum that features a historic exhibit of local naval history and showcases naval crafts and ships. The Bind Creek Beach, a mesmerizing beach with rolling dunes, serving as the ideal place for sunbathing and beachside activities, and the PGA Golf Club, a golf resort for golf lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Port St. Lucie County

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St. Lucie County, Florida