Streams of Passive Income

Streams of Passive Income

There are a number of different ways to earn streams of passive income, some of them can be very lucrative. These are a few ways to generate streams of passive income.

For many people, earning passive income is the ultimate goal because it gives them more financial freedom and makes it easier to meet financial goals.

Rental Income

Renting property is a good way for some to earn passive income. You might be able to rent out part of your property or even just a single room to someone and it will generate you money every month automatically. If you have enough capital, you can also invest in a second property. This is one of the most popular streams of passive income that have the ability for potential capital appreciation as well.


Creating an eBook and selling it is another great way to generate passive income. This requires a lot of work upfront, but once the book is written you can sell it over and over again without doing any extra work, which means more money for you. Certain platforms make it very simple to find an audience for your eBook.

streams of passive income


If you have the technical skills, building an app is another way to earn passive income. Making an app may take a lot of time at first, but once it's done you can start selling downloads and getting paid every time someone buys your app. Aside from the occasional update, you shouldn't need to invest much time at all once the app is built.

Things like eBooks and apps are effective ways to generate passive income, but it can be difficult to earn a good living from them. Real estate investments, on the other hand, are incredibly profitable. If you are interested in investing in real estate and you want to learn more about your mortgage options, get in touch with Mortgage Quote today.