Sunny Isles Real Estate

Sunny Isles Real Estate

Sunny Isles is a coastal Miami community located several miles to the north of downtown Miami. Buyers include high-income professionals, international business people and wealthy expatriates looking for vacation homes.

Why Is Real Estate Sunny Isles Popular?

Sunny Isles is popular for many of the same reasons that make Miami a destination as a whole. It offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Intracoastal Water Way to the west. Plus, it has the feel of a small town but also offers the vibrancy of Miami itself. Sunny Isles weather is generally warm year-round, even in the winter months, with lows of 61 F. Frosts are rare.

The area is currently home to a large number of luxury developments. Today, it offers some of the most exclusive addresses in the country. High-rise buildings sit next to Collins Avenue, a major road that runs parallel to the water. Behind them sit large lower rise apartment buildings, condos and some scattered detached homes. Many of these back onto Dumfoundling Bay.

Sunny Isles’ beach extends to the west, providing plenty of space for loungers and deck chairs. For those who enjoy fishing, Sunny Isles Beach Florida also offers the Newport Fishing Pier. This area has bike racks, restaurants, showers and beach access.

Features Of The Real Estate Sunny Isles Market

Sunny Isles offers residents all the perks of living in Miami, such as beautiful weather, accessible beaches and a thriving economy.

However, there are also unique benefits that attract buyers. For instance, the influx of people to the region has led to the construction of several excellent schools. Top luxury real estate choices include Sunny Isles Beach School and Aventura Charter Elementary.

The area also boasts “walkability” meaning that you can get to most amenities on foot instead of having to take the car. Its beaches are popular among tourists. But for most of the year, you are still able to go for a quiet stroll along the waterfront.

Because of its prime location, residents have virtually everything they require nearby. The high population density means that bars, cafes, banks, and supermarkets are all within close walking distance of residential accommodation. It is also close to downtown Miami, accessible via both car and public transport options. South Beach is just a few minutes away, providing residents with more nightlife options, bars and restaurants.

Sunny Isles offers many events throughout the year. These include opportunities to watch live music concerts and yoga festivals.

Sunny Isles beach celebrates and promotes the arts. For instance, architects designing buildings for the location must include artistic elements in their proposals. Public works of art are found throughout the area, including the Manolo Valders sculpture.

Sunny Isles Real Estate

Real Estate Sunny Isles: About The Neighborhood

Sunny Isles covers a relatively small 1.81 square miles and sits between the Atlantic Ocean and Dumfoundling Bay. Residents in high-rise condos can, therefore, see water to both the east and west.

Development of the Sunny Isles began in the 1920s. Harvey Baker Graves, a businessman, purchased the site and named it Sunny Isles - the American Riviera, setting it up for building work.

In 1925, construction on the Haulover Bridge finished, connecting the neighborhood to the rest of Miami Beach. This prompted more developers to move to the area and begin widening the waterways surrounding the spit of land.

Just a year later, Carl Fisher, an entrepreneur in the motor racing industry, built a wooden racetrack called the Fulford-Miami Speedway. Unfortunately, the 1926 Miami Hurricane destroyed it.

Sunny Isles’ real estate market took off in the 1950s and 1960s following the completion of the pier. During this time, construction companies built more than thirty hotels along the coast, including the country’s first two-story motel.

Mid- and high-rise accommodation followed and land prices went up. Builders completed the Arlen House and Winston Towers in the 1970s with the first luxury Sunny Isles condos for sale making their appearance in the 1990s. Stunning views of the Atlantic attracted high-profile celebrities to the area, pushing up prices further.

New York-based real estate mogul and former president, Donald Trump, commented on the potential of Sunny Isles in 2000. Today, the billionaire has six beachfront towers at the location with his name on them.