Surfside Florida

Surfside, Florida is a well-known town in Miami Dade County, also, it is home to a population of 5,651 people. Although it is a small town geographically, it provides easy access to some of the main cities of Florida.

Surfside is home to many recreational places and events, even though it is a small community. For instance, Surfside First Friday is a popular outdoor event for residents and tourists in Surfside. This event takes place from June to September annually and includes a variety of fun activities such as theatre displays, showcasing artwork, live entertainment, and food festivals.

The town is also adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, and thus provides a breathtaking view for those who visit the town. Tourists can also enjoy a full tour of the town, along with an official visit to Surfside Beach, which is home to many beachside activities such as sunbathing, surfing, and volleyball.

Paddletopia was also an official event in Surfside earlier in 2018. However, in recent times, it has transformed into a common outdoor activity for locals. The event mainly revolves around paddleboards and is one of the best activities for professional athletes and locals who are in the hunt for perfect fitness and exercise.

Surfside Florida

Planning on living in Surfside, Florida?

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