Sweetwater Florida

Sweetwater is a city located in the Miami-Dade County of Florida. The city is known for having a large population of Nicaraguan Americans in the United States, locally known as Little Managua. The Population of Sweetwater is estimated to be around 20,994 people.

Despite being a small city, Sweetwater has loads of activities and places to entertain its residents. Sweetwater is near the Dolphin mall, and to the south is Florida International University and within a short distance to several others.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is a popular and historical attraction located in Sweetwater. The church was constructed in an elegant style and is open for the public to admire its exceptional architecture. Patricia and Phillip Frost Art Museum are also considered among the top places to visit in Sweetwater. Usually referred to as the Frost Art Museum, the museum is known for having American artworks and sculptures that date back to the 20th Century. The museum also features various sculptures and artwork from all around the world. Frost Art Museum is recognized as one of the best museums in Florida.

Sweetwater Florida

Looking to settle in Sweetwater, Florida?

Being close to the city and yet providing a tranquil environment, Sweetwater is considered to be one of the best places to live in Florida. The small town is enriched with cultural and religious attractions that make it an intriguing place to settle in. New Century Financial Mortgage may be able to provide you an online mortgage quote, so contact us today.