Taylor County

Situated in the Big Bend region of Florida, Taylor County is a U.S county that was founded in 1856. Often referred to as the ‘Tree Capital of the South, Taylor County is named after Zachary Taylor, an American military leader who also served as the 12th U.S president. He is well-reputed for his success in wars and skirmishes fought throughout U.S history including the Seminole War, the Blackhawk War, and the Mexican-American War. Taylor County has its county seat in Perry, which is also the largest city in Taylor County. Taylor County extends over a total area of 1232 square miles, and the total population of Taylor County was estimated to be about 21,569 people in 2019.

There are many natural attractions and points of interest in Taylor County that keep tourists and visitors busy throughout the year. Some of the most frequently visited places in Taylor County include Hagens Cove, a tourist attraction with a beach and camping spot for visitors. The Econfina River State Park, a mesmerizing location with a breathtaking view and natural landscapes. The Steinhatchee Falls, a riverside park and garden blessed with natural landscapes and a stunning view of the river, and Forest Capital Park, a public park and garden that is ideal for jogging, strolling, and other outdoor activities.

Taylor County

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Taylor County, Florida