Temple Terrace Florida

Situated in the northeastern part of Hillsborough County, Temple Terrace is a city in central Florida that was incorporated in 1925. Home to a population of 26,639 residents in 2019, the city is a beautiful and quaint city with a rich history dating back to the Pre-Columbian times.

As the oldest incorporated city in Hillsborough County, Temple Terrace offers a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for families. According to the U.S Census Bureau, the city covers a total geographical area of 7.64 square miles, and is bordered by Tampa and Del Rio.

Temple Terrace is a charming town with a hospitable community. The CDP is surrounded by beautiful parks, waterways, and crystal clear lakes. There are known to be restaurants for every taste and shops for every occasion, thus being a city blooming with cultural diversity.

Some of the top sights to explore across the city include Lettuce Lake Park, a nearby destination that is perfect for outdoors and barbeque, Riverhills Park, another riverside park in the area with a garden for outdoors, and Cracker Country, a beautiful replica of a Florida pioneer village.

Temple Terrace Florida

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Temple Terrace is a warm, welcoming community in Hillsborough County with residential neighborhoods, beautiful parks and wetlands that help preserve the natural beauty earned while benefiting from all the amenities of a thriving city.

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