Thonotosassa Florida

Home to a population of 13,014 residents, Thonotosassa is a census area and a community that is situated in Hillsborough County, Florida. The census area gets its name from the Seminole-Creek terminology, with parts of the name translating to ‘some flint’. This implies that the area was once rich in flint and other minerals. The area around Thonotosassa was also an important pathway between Fort Brooke and Fort King, connecting both districts by Fort King Road.

Today, Thonotosassa is an upscale community that is built along U.S Route 301, which connects it to other parts of central Florida. According to the U.S Census Bureau, Thonotosassa spans over a total geographical area of 28.3 square miles, with 2,178 households in its area.

Thonotosassa invites you to experience the true Florida lifestyle, where good food, recreational activities, and magnificent waterfront views are plentiful. Shaded by towering oaks and bordered by natural freshwater lakes, beauty is abundant in this vibrant community. Top sights to explore near Thonotosassa include Lettuce Lake Park, Lake Thonotosassa, Dinosaur World, and Lettuce Lake Pathway.

Thonotosassa Florida

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Widely regarded as one of the most promising areas in Tampa, Thonotosassa is a fast-growing city rich in history, entertainment, and dining opportunities to enjoy with the whole family. These are some of the reasons why Thonotosassa is slowly emerging as a frequented place to visit and live.

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