Town n Country Florida

Situated in the Hillsborough County of Florida, Town n County are a census-designated place (CDP) and an unincorporated community. The early history of Town n Country dates back to the early 50s when most of the area in the region was covered by cattle farms.

The CDP experienced steady urbanization in the next decade to become a community of over 8,000 homes. The total area of Town n Country is about 24.1 square miles at an elevation of 6 feet, and the total population of Town n Country in 2010 was estimated to be about 78,442 people.

Town n Country is known for its natural beauty, hiking trails, and parks that keep locals and visitors busy on their visit to Hillsborough County. Some of the top destinations to explore in Town n Country include the Upper Tampa Bay Trail, a local trail that is ideal for outdoor activities such as jogging and bicycling.

The Upper Tampa Bay Park, a great outdoor destination for families to enjoy barbecues and canoeing. The Westchase Golf Club, an excellent golf resort for sports enthusiasts to play golf and explore nearby natural sights, and the Laser Ops Extreme Gaming Arcade, an entertainment center and gaming arcade for families and children.

Town n Country Florida

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