Union County

Founded in May 1921, Union County is a U.S County that is situated in the North Central region of Florida. Union County is named after the traditional concept of unity, as a way to honor the values of unity. Union County was initially a part of Bradford County and was created as a separate county in 1921. Union County has its county seat in Lake Butler, which is also the largest incorporated city in Union County. There are a total of 3 incorporated communities in Union County, namely Lake Butler, Worthington Springs, and Raiford. The county spans over a total geographical area of 250 square miles, and the total population of Union County was estimated to be 15,237 people in the year 2019.

Union County is well known for its lakes, ponds, and fisheries that serve as an attraction for tourists and visitors across Florida. Popular tourist attractions in Union County include Lakeside Park, a public park and green garden with a stunning view of the lake. Butler Lake, another lakeside resort that provides a nice spot for fishing and sightseeing. Swift Creek Pond, a waterside attraction for tourists to go fishing and explore natural surroundings. Palestine Lake, a beautiful lake resort that is ideal for hunting, fishing, and boating.

Union County

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Union County, Florida

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