Wakulla County

Founded on March 11, 1843, Wakulla County is a U.S county that is situated in the northern region of Florida known as the Big Bend. The community is named after the Wakulla River, an 11-mile-long river located in the county, while the name 'Wakulla' itself is a Timucuan Indian word that translates to 'Spring of Water’. This name is often attributed to Wakulla Springs, which is one of the world's largest springs for freshwater in the area. Originally a part of Leon County, this area was created as a separate county in 1843. The area has its county seat in Crawfordville, and the largest city in the community is Sopchoppy. In 2019, the total population of the community was estimated to be 33,739 people.

Wakulla County is widely regarded for its freshwater springs, state parks, and beaches that fascinate tourists throughout the year. Popular places to visit in the area include the State Park, which features a wildlife sanctuary and a full boat tour of the surrounding area. The St. Mark's Lighthouse, a historic lighthouse that was built in the 19th century, features a tour of the area, as well as a place to walk and enjoy natural surroundings, and the Shell Point Beach, a beach resort to enjoy sunbathing and beachside activities.

Wakulla County

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Wakulla County, Florida