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Wellington is officially classed as a village that is just west of West Palm Beach in central Palm Beach County. It’s located around 66 miles north of Miami and as of 2019, there were over 65,000 residents living in the area. The city is one of the largest municipalities in Palm Beach County by population and is a part of the Miami metropolitan area, giving it fantastic links to the rest of the state and making it one of the best places to live in the U.S. as voted by Money Magazine. While the city doesn’t fall under the standard definition for the term “village”, it’s officially known as the “Village of Wellington” which can be rather confusing.

Of the thousands of communities in Florida, Wellington was named among the best cities to live in the state. Factors such as employment, housing, quality of life, education, and health were taken into consideration in a Chamber of Commerce report in 2019. The city was ranked 23rd on the list among a total of 2,509 qualified cities with populations above 25,000 people, securing its place as one of the top cities in Florida to settle down in.

Why Wellington?

A big draw to Wellington is the excellent selection of schools, facilities, and amenities. The majority of homeowners and renters in Wellington are single families, making it one of the more attractive locations in Florida to raise a family. When combined with a plethora of community programs, events, and great healthcare, Wellington is becoming one of the most popular locations in Florida to move to. The city is also filled with unique destinations, cultural events, and plenty of community programs. Combined with growing job opportunities and a respectively low unemployment rate, this has made the area an attractive prospect for all to enjoy.

At the center of Wellington is the Town Square where you’ll find various supermarkets, restaurants, and familiar fast-food chains. There’s a wide selection of cultural cuisines to pick from and many boutique stores that offer unique shopping experiences. North from the town square is Plaza and Mall, two central locations that are surrounded by amenities such as healthcare services, banks, and gyms. The main bus route is number 40 operated by Palm Tran. It travels through Town Square and Plaza, but there are no other public transport services for the rest of Wellington. This means a car or bicycle is the preferred method of transportation for residents that want to travel away from the city center and explore other areas. However, it does give easy access to neighboring areas such as Loxahatchee Groves and Royal Palm Beach and a short drive to Miami Beach.

Real Estate Wellington

Purchasing real estate in Wellington

To help you with purchasing a home in Wellington, Mortgage Quote would be more than happy to offer you assistance in getting pre-approved for a mortgage. Whether you’re looking to get a mortgage quote as a first-time homeowner or are interested in moving to Wellington, we’d be happy to help by answering any questions that you might have and offering assistance with calculating your ideal mortgage and interest rates. With new homes being added every month to Wellington’s real estate market, you’ll have no trouble finding your perfect home. The next step would be to secure a mortgage with an interest rate that suits your needs, and also calculate a down payment that you’re able to afford. With a specialist mortgage broker such as Mortgage Quote, we can help make the process stress-free and simple.

In short, the city has a diverse and interesting real estate landscape. While many of the properties are single-family homes, you’ll also find a plethora of villas, patio homes, townhomes, and even equestrian farms. There is also a wide array of different communities in this city. From high-security guard-gated areas to more relaxed and laid-back open communities, there are many kinds of atmospheres no matter what part of Wellington you’re in. With major construction projects taking place throughout the year, we expect the market to continue expanding at a rapid pace.

So if you’re looking to buy your dream home in Wellington or just want to learn more about the real estate market here, contact today for advice and assistance to help you secure a great deal.