West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is located in the eastern part of Palm Beach County. WPB is the first municipality that was incorporated in South Florida. One of the most prominent venues in the area is the Raymond F. Kravis Centre for the Performing Arts, where operas, theatre and other popular events are held. Another popular venue is the massive 350,000 square foot Palm Beach County Convention Center

City Place is a popular destination location that includes a comedy club, bars, restaurants, retail stores, movie theatre and a historical church that gives this center the feeling of a city within a city. The local festival SunFest hosts popular musical acts and has several hundred thousand concert guests . The Palm Beach International Film Festival draws artist talent from around the world.

Transportation is expanding through various ways, such as the local fast train rail, trolleys, water taxis and ports. West Palm Beach International Airport allows for myriad arriving and departing flights that allows access to this beauty of this area while still maintaining its classic charm.

West Palm Beach is still within a few hours reach of Miami and Orlando, and just a short drive from Delray Beach allowing for local real estate to expand rapidly. There is a classic luxury appeal to Downtown West Palm Beach, Florida that may get it its appeal from the nearby exclusive Palm Beach Island.

West Palm Beach

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