What is Bitcoin Mining

If you heard of Bitcoin, then you might be interested in knowing what Bitcoin mining is. Bitcoin mining uses advanced computers to verify transactions and essentially becomes the middle-man of each transaction. The larger the network, the more secure essentially the system becomes since it should be harder to manipulate.

What Is A Blockchain?

A blockchain is a network of computers, it is made up of a series of records, or blocks. Each individual block contains transactions that have been made since the last block was created. The blockchain is not controlled by a central authority, and the information is not stored in one place, making it incredibly secure.

Every time a new transaction happens, it has to be confirmed by other users on the network. After enough people have signed off on the process, this block gets added onto all of the previous blocks that were created in order to create one continuous chain.

What is Bitcoin Mining

What Is Bitcoin Mining?

The actual mining process involves using your computer's CPU power to solve complex math problems which are part of verifying transactions within the Bitcoin ledger. It is important for other users to verify transactions so no single person has control over the blockchain and it remains impossible to alter. Once a transaction has been verified, the person that solved the mathematical problem is rewarded with Bitcoin. This is known as 'mining', it is an essential part of the Bitcoin network, along with the digital wallet.

The amount of computing power required to mine Bitcoin is steadily increasing as the problems that must be solved become more complex. So, even though it is technically possible for a single computer, it would take an extremely long time. Instead, most Bitcoin mining is handled in huge server farms. The electricity or power used to generate these transactions on the network are that of a small country. If you operate a Bitcoin mine and hold Bitcoin or other digital assets and are not sure if the crypto can be used as assets or down payment for a new home, connect with MortgageQuote.com as we have relationships with various lenders whose programs may or may not accept them as mortgage programs vary all the time.


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