Founded in 1844, Brevard County is a U.S county situated in the Eastern region of Florida. The county was originally discovered by Native Americans in the early 16th century but was founded in the mid-19th century by European Americans, who later settled in the region. The county is named after Theodore W. Brevard, who was a judge and early settler here. As of 2019, the total population of the area is 601,000 people, and the total geographical area of the county is 1557 square miles.

Brevard County is widely regarded to have the largest collection of human artifacts and remains, discovered in the county that dates back to 5000 BCE. These have been preserved in the Windover Archeological Site within the county, which was founded in 1982.

Modern-day Brevard County has plenty of sights to see and several tourist attractions that keep visitors busy during a visit to the county. Some of these places include the Kennedy Space Center, which features a visitor complex for local tourists to explore historic spacecraft, a bus tour of the complex, and theaters to view live space content and films. The Zoo, which hosts more than 900 different species of animals, kayak tours, and train rides throughout the zoo. The Victory Casino Cruise, which offers table games, poker, and other entertainment for visitors, and the Playalinda Beach, a peaceful beach located at the east coast, which is perfect for surfing, beach volleyball, and other outdoor activities.

Broward County

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