Charlotte County

Situated towards the South of Florida, Charlotte County is a U.S county that was founded in April 1921. Initially, the county was known as Bahia de Carlota, which is a Spanish phrase that translates to ‘free man’. However, in the 18th century, local British settlers renamed the county to Charlotte County due to its significance to the Bay of Charlotte Harbor. The largest community within Charlotte County is the Port Charlotte Community, and the total population of the county is 188,000, recorded in 2019.

Due to its coastal location, Charlotte County has a large abundance of white sand beaches and lakes in its region, which are a center of attraction for locals and foreign tourists. The Little Gasparilla Island is one such location, with a strip of white sand and a mangrove swamp, which is not only stunning and attractive to the eye but also provides the luxury of a diverse range of beachside activities and entertainment. The Englewood Beach in Charlotte County is equally impressive, offering a white sand beach for fishing, beach games, and sunbathing. The Don Pedro Island in the southwest is one of the most visited islands in Charlotte County, showcasing a beautiful mangrove forest, bird-watching, boating, and a ferry tour.

Charlotte County

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Charlotte County Florida