Founded in 1882, Chipley is a city that is situated in Florida’s Washington County and is also its county seat. The area was initially called ‘Orange’, but was later renamed for the president of Pensacola and Atlantic Railroad, William Dudley Chipley.

With a population of 3,660 people in 2020 and 1442 households in its vicinity, Chipley is a small yet growing community. The city is connected by U.S Route 90 to other parts of Florida and is located in proximity to Bonifay.

The community is a thriving center of commerce in this region. A mix of cultural and high points make it an adventurer’s dream destination. The small town is packed with thrilling and must-see sights; your only problem will be deciding what place to visit first.

Popular sights to explore across here include Seacrest Wolf Preserve, Falling Waters State Park, Florida Caverns State Park, and Orange Hill Gator Farm. Chipley has an abundance of green landscapes and beautiful scenery that really attracts the eye and also serves as the ideal vacation spot for families with children.


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