Escambia County Florida

Escambia County is one of the oldest counties in Florida, the U.S that was founded in 1821, and is precisely located in the northwestern region of Florida. Historically, the county was home to native indigenous settlers who once inhabited the area.

According to a local estimate in 2019, Escambia County has a total population of about 318,316 people. Covering an area of 875 square miles, The largest city in Escambia is Pensacola, which is also the county seat within the area and is widely recognized for its tourist destinations and natural attractions.

The most visited and popular tourist attraction in Escambia County is the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola. The location is famous as it pays homage to the naval aviation force of the United States and is visited by many local explorers and tourists. Other places of interest include the Pensacola Lighthouse, which is also among the most visited spots in Escambia. The lighthouse is kept in its original form and still facilitates residents in the navigation to this date.

Pensacola Bay is a beautiful and serene location that is known for its breathtaking scenery. Also located within Escambia, this place is home to a mesmerizing beachside view, and an extensive range of outdoor activities like sunbathing, volleyball, and other beach games.

Escambia County Florida

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Escambia County, Florida