Collier County

Collier County is a county that is situated in the Southern part of Florida in the United States. Collier was founded in 1923 from Lee County and was named after a real estate developer in New York City, Barron Collier who had significant contributions and landownings in Collier. Collier extends over a geographical area of 2305 square miles and the total population of Collier County is about 384,000 people, as estimated in 2019.

Often dubbed as Florida’s Paradise Coast, Collier offers a rich diversity of sand beaches, state parks, and natural gardens. East Naples is the county seat of Collier County and is a must-visit city while exploring Collier. Some notable tourist destinations and places to visit across Collier include the Naples Zoo, which features an alligator wildlife preserve, and an adventurous boat ride for tourists and locals. The Naples Pier is another stunning tourist spot, known for its heritage and food stands that keep its visitors entertained, and the Naples Beach, which is a beautiful white sand beach, serving as the main attraction to tourists and sightseers.

Collier County

Planning to live in Collier County?

A stunning location that steers away from metropolitan life, providing a peaceful and relaxing lifestyle to enjoy, Collier is no less than a visitor’s paradise. Despite bearing a small area in size, the county is packed with entertainment and natural landscapes. If you are also interested in buying a dream property in Collier County and are looking for a mortgage loan from a mortgage broker, then connect with, a boutique brokerage firm. We have access to lenders that may have the right mortgage loan for you, from a list of custom mortgage loan plans that lay the foundation in building a dream home in Collier.


Collier County FL