Columbia County

Situated close to the Northcentral region of Florida, Columbia County is a U.S county that has a total population of about 71,000 people and was founded in 1832. The county was formerly a part of the Duval and Alachua counties and has its county seat in Alligator Town, which was renamed Lake City in the late 19th century.

Columbia County had great trading significance to the United States, where a railroad established between Jacksonville and Alligator town was used to transport food and other commodities to soldiers during the American Civil War. A major battle, known as the Battle of Olustee was also fought near Columbia County in 1864, and the county became a major hub for the exchange of agricultural products and timber.

Today, Columbia County has developed into a stunning tourist attraction, home to a diverse range of freshwater springs namely the Rum Island, Gilchrist, and Poe, waterfalls and rivers such as the Falling Creek Falls and the Blue Hole, museums, and relics like Downtown Courtyard and Columbia County Museum, and many recreational parks, camping centers, and trails. The County also has a popular downtown center, which is ideal for shopping, formal and informal dining, and hosts several historical centers and hotels that are worth the visit.

Columbia County Florida

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Columbia County Florida

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